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Get off Your Attitude – Change your Attitude, Change your Life

Ryan Lowe challenges you to Get Off Your Attitude, and to stop making excuses for why success eludes you. In his new book Lowe addresses how and why having the right attitude: a positive one, can change the outcome of situations and lead to success.  Your Attitude is the most important thing in your life. It affects everything: how you handle the situations around you, how others perceive you, whether you give up or keep fighting, whether you succeed or you fail… it all comes down to attitude. This book was published by Sound Wisdom Publishing. It has sold over 25,000 copies to date. It also has been featured in Selling Power Magazine and by Success Magazine in their Success Book Summary program.


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Goya-isms Book


Ryan’s new book is a compilation of over 140 inspiring quotes selected to help you achieve a positive attitude that will result in a more positive, happier life. Ryan believes this is “the perfect quote book to pick up and flip through when your life seems to focus on the negative; when you are trying to stay positive during a tough time, or when you just need a quick positive pick me up to put a smile on your face.  He named them GOYA-isms, referring to Get Off Your Attitude! This book was published by Sound Wisdom Publishing.

Book – $8.99


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