We all know how important customer service is to the health of your business, but customer service is a reflection of attitude – nothing more, nothing less. By effectively serving your customers your business will build not only its reputation but its actual revenues. That being said, you can’t please everyone, but you can please most people, and here are five different ways that you can ensure your customers are always happy.

1. Listen to Your Customers: Many times the issues your customers have do not require you to do more than listen. People crave to be heard and when you listen to your customers you provide an ear to their concerns. The easiest way to do this is not interrupt when they’re speaking, no matter how animated they get. Make sure to repeat back what they say, this shows you’re interested in what your customers are saying and that you’re listening. Many times, that’s all they seek. It also provides you a platform to solve the problems they need to solve, because you have proven to them that you understand their issues.

2. Go the Extra Mile: If a customer has a problem, don’t just solve it, throw in something extra that doesn’t cost you very much. When a customer feels like they’re getting more than they asked for, what will happen is you’re gaining their loyalty. Think of it as a cost-benefit. The little bit you spend up front will be returned to you ten-fold. And happily.

3. Get Ahead of Trends: Your customers rely on you to solve their problems, so what about solving problems they didn’t realize they had? This is something guaranteed to keep you in your customers’ good graces. Think about Google – they constantly are innovating and providing their customers with innovation. Look at Google Maps, initially it was just a map, but now you can open it up and find out traffic and even restaurant reviews. Now, if you’re in a new area all you need to do is open up Google Maps and you have a place to eat and sleep with a traffic report. Your business can be just as innovative. And your customers will be just as loyal.

4. Be Proactive: Customer service is all about taking care of customer needs. That being said, what if you could anticipate customer needs? This is the idea behind warranties and up selling. Your customers don’t appreciate those ideas though, what they do appreciate is taking some time to explain how a process works. For example, if a customer at an auto parts store is trying to change their oil, taking a few minutes to learn about their car and offer some tips means this customer will keep coming back.

5. Be Honest All the Time: This is basic, but even when it comes to delivering bad news, customers will respect you if you tell them the truth. Not only tell the truth, but if they ask for proof, show it to them. Be accommodating. You can’t change what is, but you can earn people’s respect. Being honest is the way to do this, and your customers will respect you and return to your business.

The bottom line is customer service is about attitude, not results. Your customers will respond to you taking actions that show you have their best interests at heart. When you have the right attitude, customers will sing your praises, and when your praises are sung, your revenues go up!

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.”

Ryan C. Lowe

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