It’s a cliché that no one likes going to work, but think about the different workplace environments you’ve been involved with. How many of them were environments that were positive and uplifting? Ask yourself also, if a workplace has a positive culture, would you be more inclined to give more of yourself to the job?

For many people, the answer to the second question is a resounding yes. Some of the great companies in the world have exceptional cultures promoting the value of each individual. These types of positive cultures empower workers and are a boon to productivity and efficiency. For people looking to build their business or reinvent their business, the foundation of success is the positive culture.

Here are six reasons why creating a positive culture in the workplace is critical for success:

Increased Efficiency: For businesses, it is imperative to be lean and efficient. Providing efficient services is the hallmark of the best companies. When a company has a positive culture, everyone is invested in the company’s goals and creating better systems to achieving these goals. When people feel invested, efficiency is maximized – a lack of investment means that services get muddled.

Increased Productivity: Different than efficiency, productivity relates to output. When you have a positive culture, people are invested in the company’s success. When the company’s personnel are invested in the company’s success then there’s more output, meaning more income for the company. This leads to greater financial and other intangible rewards, creating a positive feedback loop.

Employee Retention: When a positive culture exists in a workplace, then what will happen is employees will be spending more time working for the same company even if they have different roles during their tenure. The longer an employee stays with a company the greater a company’s efficiency and productivity are.

Employee Recruiting: A positive culture also means that as an employer you have your pick of available workers because many more qualified candidates will seek to work at your company. Think about companies like Google – their positive culture is unmatched. That’s why Google can recruit and be very selective about who they hire. If your company’s positive culture gets noticed by enough people, you can select only the best candidates.

Worker Happiness: A happy worker is a productive worker, and when your workplace has a positive culture your workers are happy. Whether it’s recognizing achievement or simply recognizing a birthday, marriage, birth, etc., these are hallmarks of a positive culture where workers feel valued and happy. This happiness contributes to all the above reasons – it’s awfully hard to have all those elements without the mirth of your employees.

Growth Opportunities: When your positive culture is building your company’s bottom line and profile, this means the company will have opportunities to grow. This means hiring more employees, building a stronger foundation of the company, and ultimately expanding into more markets.

Companies that spend their time focused on efficiency and revenue are missing a valuable opportunity by not talking about company culture. Building a culture that is positive and employee focused opens up many different opportunities for growth and staffing. Regardless of your business’s sector, it is imperative that the workplace is positive and full of opportunity for positivity. You’ll retain more employees and ultimately best the competition.

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.”

Ryan C. Lowe

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