Having a positive attitude is often cited as a major reason for individual success and overall business health. The benefits of having a positive attitude are nearly infinite – in fact no one ever says having a positive attitude causes problems. Think about it – when have you ever thought, “that person’s positive attitude is getting on my nerves?”

It just doesn’t happen. Positive attitudes are found in positive people, and everyone loves having that in their lives. Fortunately, you can work on building a positive attitude, and the following seven reasons provide great incentive for having the right mindset:

1. Health: People who have positive attitudes are healthier. There are medical journals saying as much but just take a look at the people in your life. Those with a positive attitude generally live longer and better. They focus on taking care of themselves and stay involved in all sorts of activities. In short – they have a purpose. The key to quality of life is having variety and purpose, having a positive attitude makes people more inclined to seek out a better life.

2. Wealth: It’s also proven that people with positive attitudes are usually in better financial positions than those without. Whether the positive attitude existed before or after the wealth was acquired is immaterial – what matters is the attitude is there. That being said, many a person with a positive attitude had that attitude long before they acquired material wealth. This means a positive attitude was reinforced by success.

3. Socialization: Having a positive attitude means more people want to be around you. The bottom line is not everyone with a positive attitude is a sociable person, but human beings need socialization, just at different levels. No one likes to be around negative people because who wants to feel worse? Being positive also means you meet other positive people, and there are endless benefits to that.

4. Productivity: Having a positive attitude allows you to be more productive at work and around the house. People who have a positive attitude regularly set goals and achieve them. They believe in their abilities along with their ability to overcome obstacles. Of course, productivity is highly valued in the business world, but in your personal life it is extremely valuable. Being able to accomplish things regularly is found in a positive attitude, and it enhances that attitude at the same time.

5. Overcoming Obstacles: We all have difficulties in our lives and with negative attitudes the difficulties threaten to overwhelm people. In a person with a positive attitude, obstacles are just a part of life and something to overcome. The belief that “this too shall pass” allows these types of people to persevere and again, that only builds the credibility of positivity.

6. Meaningful Relationships: Similar to socialization, people need to have relationships with others. Whether these relationships are friendships, workplace relationships, or more intimate relationships, having a positive attitude adds to the depth of these relationships. These relationships become transformative instead of with a negative attitude, where those relationships are transactional.

7. Active Mind: Someone with a positive attitude has an active, curious mind. They are always seeking to learn more about the world around them in addition to fulfilling their responsibilities. These are generally people who are well-read and even if they lack formal education, they’re curious and always finding stimulation in the world.

We only have one chance at life in this world (unless you believe in reincarnation), so having a positive attitude helps you unleash the power of that life – so be positive! It works!

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.” Ryan C. Lowe – The Positivity Pro

Ryan C. Lowe

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