For the most part of my career I have been either working for a corporation or owning my own business. In both worlds, I noticed the most important prerequisite for success is a positive attitude. A positive attitude in the workplace is the key ingredient. Whether you are an employee, manager or entrepreneur, you must have a positive attitude to deal with adversity, circumstances, co-workers or employees. A positive attitude is the basis for achieving the goals set by the company, owner or employee. It not only helps to achieve those goals faster, but also creates better relationships, helping everyone enjoy the work that they do.

Throughout my career, I have had several amazing opportunities to work with companies and people that have great attitudes. Those companies reach all levels of success, have a healthy environment for their employees, and their clients enjoy doing business with them. Also, I have worked with people and companies that seem to foster a negative attitude and watched either the company itself, or the people that were working for them, fail. Their clients stopped using their products or service. Think about this: how many products or services have you stopped using because of the negative way you were treated.

Have you ever worked in a toxic environment? Perhaps you are in one now. You know that it is easy to get sucked right into the negativity. I remember the days when I worked for that negative company. I was in a great state of mind, ready to reach my goals, worked hard. However, as soon as I walked into the office, I allowed that negativity, of others and of the company, to drain me. The key to success here is having a positive attitude, no matter the circumstances or the people around you. I am sure you are wondering at this point, “Ryan, how can I keep an upbeat attitude when ‘stuff happens’?”

Let me share with you 7 Positive Principles to help you stay positive and to be that positive person.

Positive Goals: Have defined, written goals. Are you on the right career path? Goals provide a map, your personal GPS, a positive direction for your life. They give you an incentive for working hard and a sense of fulfillment. These goals will help keep you positive, productive and more content during the tough times.

Positive Vocabulary: Speak Success! Let your words be positive; don’t be the one complaining and standing around the coffee pot telling negative stories. Make sure you share positive stories of the company. Your vocabulary alone can catapult others, yourself and the company to great heights.

Positive Leadership: Are you setting a positive example for others? Are you going above and beyond what is asked of you? Your positive actions and enthusiasm will rub off on others and help make everyone around you more productive. Your actions will allow others to see what they could be doing. Remember this: everyone is always watching, even if you don’t notice.
Positive Challenges: Change your perception of problems and stressful situations. Start looking at them as opportunities for personal and professional growth…..see them as projects that will assist you and challenge you to become a better business owner, manager or employee. The way you handle these opportunities will definitely show you and others what you are capable of accomplishing. It will also give you the confidence to take on even bigger challenges.
Positive Relationships: Encourage everyone to work in teams, whenever possible, to help learn from each other. It is amazing what you can learn from a coworker. Suggest that co-workers spend some time getting to know each other outside of the office. The better you know someone, the more you will understand them and will learn how to work more productively with them.

Positive Meetings: Schedule “positive mastermind meetings” to allow everyone to discuss topics pertaining to the company and their work. Open, positive communication with everyone in the company can feed success. Encourage others to speak on what they think may help the environment and success of the company. Keep it positive. This is not a complaining session. If anyone starts complaining, ask them for a suggestion that will eliminate that problem.

Positive Education: Challenge yourself and others to continue their education outside of the workplace. Set up a library in the office of success books and CD sets that they can use. Start a book club and meet once a month to discuss what everyone has learned and share the points on how it can make the company and everyone more successful. This action alone can keep everyone on a positive track.

I hope you a now are more aware that a positive attitude is a MUST in the workplace. These ideas can help you become a more successful, happier person and will create a positive work environment. I challenge you to bring these suggestions into your next office meeting. Start following these principles and make everyone aware of the current attitude of the workplace and where and how it can improve. If you already practicing these principles, my hat’s off to you. You are way ahead of the game.

Remember, your attitude is contagious.

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.” Ryan C. Lowe

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