Often times the New Year brings a renewed vigor and a fresh start. Maybe it’s an aggressive business plan, a healthier lifestyle, or just a more positive outlook on life.

But how do you harvest change especially in today’s economic climate. Sometimes the best place to start is when you hit rock bottom. Ryan Lowe, author and professional speaker, knows that first hand.

In his book, “Get off Your Attitude,” Lowe shares his personal and professional roadblocks with real-life solutions. In the span of a few years he lost his company, career, home, and his fiancé.
He shelved his dream of being a motivational speaker and found himself in Baton Rouge working as an entry-level sales rep and renting a spare room from a friend. Then in the pre-dawn hours, he awoke with a panic attack struggling to breath. It was then staring hopelessly at the ceiling four words popped into his head, Get Off Your Attitude.

One of his mottos, “Soar with the Eagles,” suggests you surround yourself with mentors and friends who are energetic, encouraging, caring and compassionate. They think, talk and act in a positive manner along with helping others. Below are some of the major points of the book.
Dreams and goals–Say your dreams out loud. Think about them, talk about them, share them with others, write them down and tape them to your bathroom mirror. Patience, perseverance and belief are key tools in jumping the hurdles and getting to the finish line.

Feed your attitude with daily portions of positive media like an internet success story at breakfast, motivational recordings at lunch, and watch an inspirational biography in the evening.

Be careful in dwelling on the past. Sometimes we let the pains of the past blind us from seeing a brighter future. Lowe suggests writing down some of your biggest regrets, then a list of your biggest achievements. Challenge yourself to create new opportunities every day, post a to-do list on your calendar or journal.

Health–The first start to a healthier life is smiling. Even at your lowest point, just SMILE. It’s also an acronym for Stop and think, Measure the problem, Identify solutions, Live and learn, and Enjoy the outcome.

In addition to smiling, exercise is a major player in maintaining a more focused and productive outlook. It lowers stress levels, improves mood and raises your energy levels, along with a better night’s sleep. The natural endorphins stimulate a healthier body and mind.

Lowe reminds us that maintaining a positive attitude is the best thing we can do for our health. “On average, people who exercise regularly have higher self-esteem and higher incomes,” he says. “You’ll never be healthy until you have a healthy attitude.”

Money–Attract money rather than chasing it and lose the “just getting by” mindset. Be more pro-active, solve more problems for more people, learn new skills to improve your current skills, start a business or a non-profit and tackle bigger issues, contribute more time and more energy, and be smarter and more informed. Volunteering or investing in the community reaps huge rewards adding value to your life and others.

“You have to hunker down and change your focus,” says Lowe. “Restructure your thinking in what you really need, live in a smaller house, drive a less expensive car, and enjoy vacations closer to home.”

Miracles–When you find a story that inspires you, print it or make a scrapbook and use it for inspiration. Instead of waiting on a miracle, why not create your own, remember just one sentence of praise can do wonders.

How to Start–Adopting a positive lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Stop the complaining and make an investment in yourself. Lowe recommends continuing your education with seminars and self-help CDs, books and publications. Even if it’s just one chapter or article a day it’s a start. Stay away from the negative press and television shows, and watch more inspirational and educational programs.

Ask yourself everyday, what am I doing to make my life better. “It takes 21 days to form a new habit.” Lowe says. “We have a choice everyday to change our attitude.”

Change is always scary, no matter how big or small. Break down your dreams and goals in small but significant steps and document everything. Print that dream list with a new career, car, or vacation and post it on the refrigerator. There will be rough days along the way, but use the setbacks to energize your future. And above all believe in yourself.

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.” Ryan C. Lowe

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