The environments we live and work in are instrumental in how effective we can be, both professionally and personally. Having the right attitude towards our environments, will help us improve our efficiency. Creating space in our offices and homes complements the space we need in our minds. We become clear thinking and focused. Working from a desk that is piled high with paperwork and memo notes will hinder our ability to achieve our potential. Getting organized in our offices will help us get organized with meeting our goals. Similarly, our home environments are important to helping us make the most of ourselves professionally. Chaos at home is not going to be conducive to centered performance in our professional lives. We need to create an environment at home for time to unwind and regroup. It is also essential that we consistently have deep and restful sleep.

Organizing Your Work Space

To be most effective professionally you need an office space that you enjoy using. You also need it to be organized and clutter-free. Make some time to restore your working space so that it reflects a mind that is calm, focused and in control. Hire someone to do this for you if you don’t know where to start or don’t feel you have the time. With a well-managed space you will have higher productivity. For a start you won’t always be searching frantically for that one most important piece of paper you just can’t find.

Invest in storage space that will help you and use it. Get into the habit of filing things in the correct places and shredding anything you don’t need. Make folders on your computer and ensure that your documents are easy to access at the click of a mouse. Keep your desk as clear and shiny as possible. Make sure you always have basic supplies, such as pens, where you can find them and paper in stock.

Create a Productive, Professional Ambiance

Plants and light in an office space are nice touches for promoting calm and productivity. Plants also keep the air oxygenated which will help your thinking process. Ensure the plants are healthy, however. Having dead and dying plants around will only drain your energy. If your office is dark and gloomy, with little natural light, you can create the sensation of light and space – glass-top desks may be more space-enhancing than a dark and dusty oak. Mirrors situated so as not to be a distraction can create the illusion of more room. Light, airy colors will lift your mood and your mind. Make your office ooze with charm. Imagine having clients here with you. Would they be inspired by you? Would they be confident that you can do the job? Having the right attitude to your working environment, treating it with care and respect, will help you have the same attitude to your work.

Home is Your Sanctuary

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for ensuring that your daily productivity is high and that you wake up passionate about the day ahead. Never take your work into the bedroom with you and, if at all possible, leave your electronics in another room. Create some space away from your laptop and your phone. This will send a message to your brain that when you enter this room it is for rest and relaxation; not for work. Keep surfaces clean and don’t have piles of unread paperwork anywhere in sight.

If you tend to get into bed and find yourself tossing and turning, or your mind racing, try having an hour or so before you sleep where you rest without stimulation from the television, computer or telephone. If needs be, redesign your bedroom so that it is a place of peace and calm. Invest in a comfortable seating area and spend some time there before bed. Furnishing your bedroom so that it’s a wonderful place to unwind will be a great investment. Keep the lamplight low and try reading a book, doing some gentle meditative breathing or stretching, or try writing down your gratitude list for the day. As well as ensuring you have the correct mattress for your needs, the key to a refreshing night’s sleep is to train your brain into leaving the day behind. Then you will ease into a state conducive to restful sleep. By having a good night’s sleep, every night, you will be able to function at your maximum potential. Honor how important it is to rest, by creating this oasis in your home.

Maintain Your Positive Attitude and Love Your Space

Following some of this advice and reflecting upon how you can make your environments peaceful and productive will benefit you enormously. By eliminating so many unnecessary stressors, and by creating spaces where ease and flow are the main ingredients, you will feel rested, sharper and more confident. You will then be so much more productive and focused and see your professional efficacy soar.

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.” Ryan C. Lowe


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