GOYA PresentationsTM works with individuals and organizations who want to achieve excellence by sharing powerful principles in their speaking, training and coach programs that will result in creating a positive mindset and a winning culture.


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Keynote Speaking

Ryan Lowe’s motivational keynote presentations are inspiring and dynamic. Ryan’s positive message will ignite excitement and spark hope in your group as he delivers a custom-created speech just for your event. Your group will take away down-to-earth ideas on dealing with the challenges in their personal and professional lives, and will equip them to be more effective in your organization. Watch your audience as they lean to the edge of their seats, totally absorbed in Ryan’s message as he engages their hearts, minds, and spirits. Intertwining humor, personal stories and experiences. Ryan’s powerful presentation will create a positive attitude in your group and help them achieve greater success throughout in their lives. All of his keynotes are customized and he makes sure it fits the goals for the organization and event.


Ryan’s Get off Your Attitude keynote will inspire the attendees to take ownership of their own attitude and help them get out of their own way. Ryan’s presentation is intertwined with professional knowledge, personal experiences and captivating stories. Illustrating defeat many times, while demonstrating the importance of a positive attitude first hand. Even after losing his business, being diagnosed with a brain tumor and getting shot when he was in High School which almost ended his life. Ryan will provide techniques that will show the way when dealing with obstacles and adversity to becoming a professional optimist. They will understand that their positive attitude will drive their behavior and habits that will dictate their success, their team member’s success and the success of their organization. His program will also provide ideas on how to be a victor in life and not the victim. His key message: success isn’t determined by background, experience, or anything else. It’s all in your attitude, because it’s a choice. The audience will be fired up & focused. They’ll walk away with a better understanding of the importance of their attitude, which on how to achieve the success they’ve envisioned. They will also discover the advantages of having a “Winning attitude” and how to use it in their personal and professional lives. Learning Objectives + Gain insight into the power of choosing positivity + Understand how vision creates success + Realize the power of engaging in positive relationships + Identify and implement the habits of thinking, talking & acting positive + Acquire tools for a team culture of positivity and responsibility


Ryan’s passion is to work with organizations who want to inspire and motivate their leaders and team members with principles that will help create a positive culture and mindset to achieve excellence. 


Ryan’s works with individuals across the country supporting and helping them achieve their goals and the success they have envisioned. His coaching program is tailored to each person and it can be done virtual. 

Virtual Services

Ryan is excited to work organizations with virtual events, conferences and meetings. He understands that companies are wanting to keeping their staff’s education and the forefront. Virtual meetings are an amazing opportunity to keep your team motivated and engaged. Ryan is very comfortable motivating, educating and coaching over the internet. His office is set up with all up to date technology to make sure your virtual experience is a positive one and a successful one.

He offers the following virtual services:

• Virtual Meetings

• Virtual Trainings and Workshops

• Virtual One-one- Coaching

• & More


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