How many times have you been called to a meeting or held a meeting only to feel like this is time you have wasted? Unfortunately, this is the reality for many businesses. The criticism that bad meetings are a result of bad attitudes doesn’t accurately reflect the problems many people have with meetings. That being said, the meeting is integral to making sure your team is on the right page. A great meeting can invigorate your team and provide a sense of purpose.

So how do you make these meetings go from a terrible necessity to being something that everyone looks forward to? The answer involves attitude but also requires action. Everyone must hold themselves to high standards and when this is done not only will meetings be more successful but they will also be shorter – and who doesn’t like a short meeting?!

With this in mind, be sure to handle your meetings successfully by using the 3 P’s of a successful meeting as detailed below:

1. Professionalism: Your meeting requires all of you to come together for a common purpose. The biggest reason meetings may fail is a lack of professionalism. When people don’t conduct themselves appropriately, time is wasted. Now, this isn’t always negative – how many times have you had a meeting where people have been jovial and sharing stories unrelated to the job? It’s great for camaraderie but lousy for productivity. Make sure that you have an agenda, that everyone is prompt, and that extraneous stuff is left out of the meeting.

2. Productivity: A meeting should have goals – these goals are always found in the meeting’s agenda. When you have a structured agenda, this allows for the meeting to be productive. It’s important the leader of the meeting holds everyone to the agenda. Only productive ideas should be put forth and this is part of the meeting’s attitude, which will be addressed. All meetings should adjourn with actionable tasks. This will ensure the substance of the meeting doesn’t get lost.

3. Positivity: The biggest way to torpedo a meeting is to bring in negativity. In your business, all meetings must be positive, and if someone is in the meeting bringing negativity, that person should have two options – change their attitude or leave the meeting. The leader of the meeting must make it a point to exemplify the positive behavior desired and politely, but firmly, call out any negative attitudes. When a meeting is positive, then good things come of it.

Ultimately, making sure your meetings are good experiences are on all the attendees of the meeting. That being said, if you follow the 3 P’s of a successful meeting, then your meetings will go much more smoothly – and your team will thank you!

“Remember that it is up to you to choose everyday to Get off Your Attitude and to create a positive lifestyle for yourself and others.”

Ryan C. Lowe

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